Free Shipping Label for WooCommerce 3.0.0 is Here!

Upgrade your WooCommerce shipping strategy with Free Shipping Label 3.0.0! Unveiling the Gift Bar module, enhanced customization, and optimized performance for a seamless experience. Elevate your store today with effortless upgrades and dynamic new features!

Free shipping label and progress bar for woocommerce 3.0.0

Elevate your WooCommerce store to new heights with Free Shipping Label 3.0.0. We’ve turbocharged our trusted progress bar notification, introducing the all-new Gift Bar module. This isn’t just about free shipping—it’s a strategic tool to entice customers, boost cart values, and drive sales.

With customizable threshold options for each zone and shipping method, Free Shipping Label 3.0.0 tailors the experience to fit your business dynamics. The code optimization ensures speed and efficiency, while new design options add a touch of aesthetic finesse.

Upgrade now and transform shipping from a notification to a sales-boosting experience.

Gift Bar module

The Gift Bar isn’t just a progress tracker; it’s a sales motivator. Customers are invited to fill their carts a bit more to unlock a delightful free gift. This strategic move not only increases order values but adds an element of excitement to the shopping journey.

Available in both the PRO and free versions (with some limitations in the latter).

Gift Bar and Free Shipping progress bar

Customization at Your Fingertips

Tailor the Gift Bar to suit your brand’s style! Whether you prefer it to seamlessly blend with the Free Shipping Progress Bar or stand out on its own, the choice is yours. With options like “After Free Shipping Reached,” “Extend Free Shipping Progress Bar,” “Only Gift Bar,” and “Standalone,” you have the flexibility to design an experience that resonates with your audience.

Design Your Way

While the Gift Bar inherits the default style from the Free Shipping Progress Bar, we’ve given you the power to customize. Disable the “Inherit Progress Bar Settings” option and infuse a unique flair into your Gift Bar. Our recommendation? Stand out a little—make it visually distinct and entice your customers to reach that rewarding threshold.

Threshold Achieved, Now What?

Once your customers hit the threshold, you have options. Whether it’s a subtle “Qualified” message, an automatic addition to the cart, or a discreet mention in the order summary—choose what aligns with your strategy and enhances the overall customer experience.

For a deeper dive into the settings, check out our Gift Bar documentation.

Enhanced Custom Threshold Options

In response to user feedback, Free Shipping Label 3.0.0 introduces enhanced custom threshold options for a smoother experience, especially for users with third-party shipping plugins.

When activated, the custom threshold feature takes the reins, allowing manual configuration of free shipping thresholds.

Free Shipping label and progress bar for woocommerce - custom free shipping threshold

This functionality proves especially beneficial for users encountering compatibility issues with different plugins. While Free Shipping Label seamlessly integrates with default WooCommerce shipping methods, this option acts as a workaround for situations where alternative plugins store data differently.

Starting from version 3.0.0, the Custom Threshold feature now provides two options:

  1. Global:
    Set a universal reference point for free shipping across all zones, disregarding specific zone settings.
  2. Per Zone and Shipping Method:
    Configure individual free shipping thresholds for each zone and its methods. These settings take precedence over the global threshold, offering precise criteria for shipping calculations within designated zones.


Free Shipping Label and progress bar for woocommrece - multilingual option

We’ve made managing multilingual options more convenient. In this update, the Multilingual option has found a new home in General Settings.

Previously scattered across individual modules, the Multilingual option can now be activated centrally in General Settings. This simplifies the process, eliminating the need to toggle it separately for each module.

New Design Options

Free Shipping Label 3.0.0 introduces subtle yet impactful style and design options, allowing you to tailor the progress bar to match your brand’s unique aesthetics.

Free Shipping label and progress bar for woocommerce - new design option
  1. Border Radius:
    Shape your progress bar to suit your brand’s personality. Whether you prefer rounded corners for a softer look or sharper edges for a bold statement.
  2. Disable Animation:
    Take control of the animation with the revamped Disable Animation option. Now, you can choose between disabling all animations, only those of moving stripes, or the shine effect. This flexibility ensures your progress bar aligns perfectly with your desired visual experience.
  3. Remove Bar Stripes:
    Simplify the visual appeal of your progress bar by choosing to remove the stripes. This option lets you focus on the background color, providing a clean and minimalist look to your shipping notifications.

New HTML Wrapper

The progress bar is now enveloped in a new div with a class, .fsl-wrapper. This addition serves a crucial purpose—preventing the progress bar from disrupting the layout, especially on certain themes.

Previously, there was an edge case where the progress bar, situated in a specific position, would break into a separate row on smaller screens. The introduction of .fsl-wrapper mitigates this issue, offering a smoother visual experience across different screen sizes.

For users who had specific CSS styles applied to the progress bar, rest assured—they will still function as expected, with the exception of custom positioning. We kindly request you to update your CSS targeting to the new class, .fsl-wrapper, for seamless integration with Free Shipping Label 3.0.0.

Conclusion: A Seamless Upgrade

Free Shipping Label 3.0.0 introduces a host of new features and improvements to enhance your WooCommerce shipping experience. The Gift Bar module, style options, and refined custom settings provide a more dynamic and personalized touch.

Under the hood, our commitment to better code optimization ensures a faster and more secure performance. Your customers get a smooth shopping experience, and you get a plugin that works seamlessly.

Take your WooCommerce store to the next level with Free Shipping Label 3.0.0. Upgrade today for a smoother, more customized shipping experience that adapts to your needs.

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