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On the Subscribers page, you will find a comprehensive list of all your subscribers presented in a neatly organized table format. This feature provides you with the flexibility to filter subscribers based on specific mailing lists or within a designated date range. Additionally, you have the option to conveniently download your subscriber data in CSV format. This allows you to seamlessly import the CSV file into your preferred email marketing service for efficient management.

To access the Subscribers page, navigate to your admin dashboard, click on the Easy Subscribe menu, and select Subscribers.

Date Filter

To refine your subscriber list based on specific dates, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on the gray date field, triggering the appearance of a calendar.
  2. Choose your preferred date range by clicking on the starting date and then selecting the ending date.
  3. If you’re aiming for a specific date, simply click twice on the same date.
  4. The subscriber table will automatically refresh to display the updated information based on your selected date criteria.

Deleting Subscribers

Deleting individual subscribers in the PRO version is a straightforward process. To remove specific subscribers:

Ensure the checkbox in the first column next to the desired subscribers is checked. The delete button at the bottom will become clickable upon selection. Click the delete button to permanently remove the selected subscribers.

Download Subscribers

When exporting subscribers to a CSV file, you can either include all subscribers or filter them by specific lists or dates. Essentially, the CSV export captures all subscribers listed in the table.

Moreover, you have the flexibility to personalize the CSV file:

  • Customize the file name.
  • Choose your preferred delimiter.
  • Select specific fields to include in the CSV.