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Price Alerts

The Price Alerts module allows users and potential customers to subscribe to a specific product and receive email notifications when the price of that product drops. This module offers several benefits including: This module, which is included in our Advanced plan, is exclusively available to PRO users. To activate the Price Alerts module, enable it.… Continue reading Price Alerts

Lowest Price

The Lowest Price Display Module is a mandatory feature in the European Union (EU) that allows the presentation of the lowest price for products on sale within the last 30 days. This documentation outlines the necessary steps to activate and configure this module. To activate the Lowest Price Module, first enable it. Only on Product… Continue reading Lowest Price


To activate the chart feature, you need to enable the corresponding module. Position The chart is displayed on the single product page. In the free version, there are two placement options: Shortcode: With the Basic plan, you have the flexibility to place the chart anywhere on the product page or template. To do this, choose… Continue reading Chart

General Settings

Multilingual The Multilingual option allows you to enable or disable multilingual support for the plugin. When enabled, all text input fields in the plugin settings will be “locked” and ignored on the public view. Instead, you can use your preferred translation plugin such as Loco Translate, WPML, etc., to translate all the text. Record Price… Continue reading General Settings

Product Price History – Modules

Product Price History is a comprehensive tool designed to provide users with valuable insights into the historical pricing trends of a particular product. This documentation outlines the three main modules of Product Price History and their functionalities, enabling users to effectively track and analyze price variations. 1. Chart The Chart module of Product Price History… Continue reading Product Price History – Modules