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Product Price History - Chart on single product page

To activate the chart feature, you need to enable the corresponding module.


The chart is displayed on the single product page. In the free version, there are two placement options:

  • After the product meta section (usually where categories and tags are displayed).
  • After the product summary.

Shortcode: With the Basic plan, you have the flexibility to place the chart anywhere on the product page or template. To do this, choose the ‘Custom – I’ll insert a shortcode‘ option in the dropdown and insert the provided shortcode in your desired location.
The shortcode is:


Date Range

You can set the initial date range that will be displayed in the chart.

Range Selector

This feature, which is included in our Basic plan, is exclusively available to PRO users.

This feature enables users to toggle between predefined ranges by selecting buttons located above the chart.


Set a title that will appear above the chart.

Minimum Prices to Display

Specify the minimum number of prices required in the chart to display it. It is recommended to have more than one price, as having only a single price may result in an unusual visual representation.

Daily Average Price

This feature, which is included in our Basic plan, is exclusively available to PRO users.

The Daily Average Price option allows you to enable or disable the display of the daily average price. This feature is particularly useful when there are frequent price fluctuations within a single day.

When enabled, the plugin will calculate and show the average price for each day. This can provide a more stable and representative value, especially in situations where prices change frequently throughout the day. By displaying the daily average price, you can get a better understanding of the overall price trend over time.

Consider enabling this option if your product prices experience significant variations within a 24-hour period. It can help you make informed decisions and analyze price movements in a more reliable and meaningful way.

Show Chart on Variable Products Only When Variation is Selected

By default, variable products display the price of the lowest-priced variation. The price history table for variable products records this price, but each variation has its own price history tracker. If this option is disabled, the chart table will show data related to the variable product when the product page loads. Only upon selecting a specific variation, the chart will update and display the history of the selected variation. If this option is enabled, the chart will not be visible on page load but will only appear when a variation is selected.

Chart Type

Product Price History - bar chart
Product Price History - line chart
Product Price History - stepped chart

Choose between three chart types: Bar, Line, and Stepped. Please note that Line and Stepped charts are available only in our Basic plan.

How to Hide Chart on the Product Page?

Hide price history chart on the product page

To hide the chart on a specific product page, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the “Edit Product” page for the desired product.
  2. In the product data section of WooCommerce, locate and select the “Product Price History” tab.
  3. Within the “Product Price History” tab, you will find a checkbox labeled “Hide chart”.
  4. Tick the “Hide chart” checkbox to activate the feature.
  5. Save the changes to the product.
  6. Upon saving, the chart will no longer be displayed on the product page.

By following these instructions, you can easily hide the chart on a particular product page.

How to Hide Price in the Chart?

To hide the price in the chart, please follow these steps:

  1. Locate the Price History table.
  2. Within the table, find the specific price entry that you want to hide.
  3. Look for a checkbox labeled “Hide” next to the price entry.
  4. Select the “Hide” checkbox for each price you wish to hide.

Note: This action will only hide the prices for simple and variable products. Variations are treated separately, so you will need to hide each variation’s chart or price individually.

Hide variation price in the product price history chart

By following these instructions, you can effectively hide prices in the chart for your products.