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Product Price History - multilingual option enabled

The Multilingual option allows you to enable or disable multilingual support for the plugin. When enabled, all text input fields in the plugin settings will be “locked” and ignored on the public view. Instead, you can use your preferred translation plugin such as Loco Translate, WPML, etc., to translate all the text.

Record Price Ranges

This feature, which is included in our Basic plan, is exclusively available to PRO users.

The Record Price Ranges option determines the frequency at which price changes are recorded and updated in the database. You can choose from different options, and each selected option will ensure that only one price change is captured within the specified time interval.

By default, the option is set to “All price changes,” which means every price change will be recorded. This is suitable for most cases. However, if your store has frequent price changes, such as every hour or every few minutes, you may choose to reduce the price recording to a database. This option helps to optimize the storage of price history data.

Delete Price History Older Than

Delete product price history older than 12 months

The Delete Price History Older Than option allows you to instantly delete old price history entries from the database. To use this feature, select a specific timespan and click on the “Delete Now” button.

NOTE: this action is irreversible, and once deleted, the old data cannot be recovered.

Delete All Plugin Data on Uninstall

Enabling the Delete All Plugin Data on Uninstall option ensures that all data associated with the plugin, including settings, subscribers, and all price histories, will be completely removed from the database when you uninstall the plugin. Uninstalling the plugin refers to the process of deactivating and deleting it from the wp-admin dashboard. Use this option with caution, as it permanently deletes all plugin data.