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Product Price History for WooCommerce - wordpress plugin

Product Price History is a comprehensive tool designed to provide users with valuable insights into the historical pricing trends of a particular product. This documentation outlines the three main modules of Product Price History and their functionalities, enabling users to effectively track and analyze price variations.

1. Chart

The Chart module of Product Price History offers an intuitive graphical representation of the price history for a specific product. Users can visualize the fluctuations in pricing over a selected timeframe, aiding in identifying patterns, trends, and seasonal changes. This module presents a user-friendly interface that allows for easy navigation and customization of chart parameters, such as time range, scaling options, and data points. By leveraging the Chart module, users can gain a comprehensive understanding of the product’s pricing dynamics and make informed decisions based on historical trends.

2. Lowest Price

The Lowest Price module within Product Price History provides users with valuable information about the lowest recorded price of a product within the last 30 days. This module helps users quickly identify the best time to purchase a product by highlighting recent price lows. By presenting the lowest price value alongside its corresponding date, users can assess whether the current price is favorable or if it’s worth waiting for a potential price drop. The Lowest Price module ensures that users remain well-informed about the lowest price points, empowering them to make cost-effective purchasing decisions.

3. Price Alerts

The Price Alerts module in Product Price History offers a convenient solution for users who want to stay updated on price changes for a specific product. Users can subscribe to a product of interest and set their target price, indicating the price at which they wish to receive a notification. When the product’s price drops below the specified target price, users will receive an email notification, allowing them to take advantage of the discounted price. This module ensures that users never miss out on a price reduction, enabling them to save money and make timely purchasing decisions.