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Progress Bar not showing on the cart or checkout Follow the steps below to find out what’s wrong and hopefully solve your problem. If your problem persists, please contact us. 1. Enable Progress Bar First of all, check if you have enabled the Progress Bar in the settings. Make sure the switch is enabled. 2.… Continue reading Troubleshooting

Product Label

Product labels are meant to clearly provide insight as to which products are qualified for free shipping. For example, if your free shipping threshold is $100, all products above that price will be eligible to have the “Free Shipping” label shown. So customers may be more motivated to buy a product with a slightly higher… Continue reading Product Label

Notice Bar

The Notice Bar will be triggered via an AJAX request when a customer adds a product to the cart.It’s highly customizable, meaning you can choose the screen position where it will be displayed. You also have full control over the Notice Bar design. Important notice! In order for Notice Bar to work properly, your theme… Continue reading Notice Bar

Gift Bar

Introducing the Gift Bar, a dynamic addition to version 3.0.0, accessible in both the PRO and free versions with some limitations. This innovative tool serves as a compelling incentive, encouraging your customers to make that extra purchase and unlock a complimentary gift—perfect for enhancing user engagement and boosting sales. Ready to elevate the shopping experience?… Continue reading Gift Bar

Progress Bar

With our free shipping progress bar, you can give your customers a clear picture of just how close they are to qualifying for free shipping. This not only stops shoppers from leaving, but also encourages them to add more items to their cart and increase their order value – boosting your revenue in the process.… Continue reading Progress Bar

General Settings

Please ensure that you have properly configured WooCommerce zones, shipping options, and shipping methods before proceeding. To find the General settings, hover above the WooCommerce tab and select the Free Shipping Label from the side menu. The general settings tab will open automatically. Initial Shipping Zone The Initial Shipping Zone setting is used to display… Continue reading General Settings

WooCommerce Settings

In order for Free Shipping Label plugin to work properly, you’ll have to set up WooCommerce. 1. Shipping Zones First, you must set up Shipping Zones. We’ll not cover every step in this guide, but you can find in-depth information in WooCommerce documentation. 2. Free Shipping Settings A free shipping method must be enabled in… Continue reading WooCommerce Settings