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Devnet Custom WordPress and WooCommerce Plugins

Welcome to our plugin collection, where you can unlock a world of enhanced functionalities for your website or application. With a combination of free and paid options, we cater to a variety of budgets and requirements. Our plugins are meticulously crafted to empower businesses of all sizes, offering unparalleled value and performance.

Choose from our free plugins available on the WordPress repository to get started without any financial commitment. If you’re looking for even more advanced features and customization options, our flexible paid plans are designed to provide exceptional value while meeting your specific needs. And if you have unique requirements beyond our existing offerings, our expert team can develop custom plugins tailored exclusively for you.

Free Shipping Label plugin

Free Shipping Label for WooCommerce

Increase order revenue in WooCommerce store by showing your customers just how close they are to your free shipping threshold.


Product Price History for WooCommerce

By using Product Price History, you can increase your profits, optimize your pricing strategy, and build trust with your customers, who will appreciate the transparency and credibility it brings to your webshop.


Easy Subscribe

User-friendly WordPress plugin that seamlessly integrates customizable newsletter forms into your website.


Simplify WooCommerce order collaboration

BizNotes for WooCommerce

Leave and access text notes instantly in the order preview window.
A simple and lightweight plugin that doesn’t bog down your WooCommerce store.


Introducing Our Custom WooCommerce Plugins

We are proud to present our exclusive collection of custom-made WooCommerce plugins designed to enhance and optimize your online store. From enhancing the checkout process to expanding product information and managing orders more efficiently, our plugins cover a wide range of essential features.

Please note that these plugins are not publicly available. They are exclusive creations developed by our team to meet the specific needs of WooCommerce-powered businesses. To learn more about each plugin, request additional information, or discuss any pre-sale questions you may have, please contact our expert team. We are here to provide you with comprehensive details, assist with plugin selection, and ensure that your online store has the optimal setup to thrive.

Aditional Fees

Add optional or mandatory fees on cart and checkout pages, such as priority order fee, shipment insurance, gift wrapping, payment method fee, minimum order amount, small order fee, etc.

Address Validation

Connect with the Google API to live search addresses as users type, and autofill address fields.

Anda Import

Connect with the ANDA Present Group API and import products into your WooCommerce store. Set your margin fee, update stock and prices.


Add a simple dismissible banner on top of the page, useful for showing store notices.


Set a list of emails that will be stopped from ordering.


Set a custom countdown clock and place it anywhere with a shortcode.

Coupons Manager

Show all your active coupons on one page.

Custom Checkout Fields

Add mandatory or optional fields to the checkout process.

Custom Order Status

Assign a special order status to WooCommerce orders.

Custom User Role

Create a special user role for shop editors with lower priority than shop_manager. Users with this role will be able to add/edit products but will not see reports or statistics.

Customer Note

Subtly highlight orders with customer notes in the orders dashboard.

Customizable Product

Allow users to add custom text when adding a product to the cart, such as entering desired text that can be printed on the product.

FB Order

Manually create and process orders received via Facebook inbox, with a special label indicating they came through Facebook.

Multistep Checkout

Improve the UI and UX with a modernized checkout process.

Newsletter Integrations

Integrate Sandy newsletter form or a custom newsletter form that collects emails in a CSV file.

Offer Discount

Set discount rules, e.g., offer a discount on the cheapest product in the cart, show notification messages to encourage customers to add more products.

Order Amount

Set a minimum order amount, e.g., stop orders from processing if the amount is lower than $20.

Order Quantity

Set a minimum or maximum order quantity per product.

Orders Filter

Filter WooCommerce orders by country, shipping method, or payment method.

Orders to CSV

Export and download a CSV containing order information necessary for courier companies (GLS, DPD, Login, Loko Baza).

PDF Slip

Print PDF package slips of orders easily and quickly.

Phone International

Format phone numbers in the international format for each country, ensuring consistency and preventing user errors.

Printing Module

Enable printable products, allowing users to select custom print positions, techniques, colors, sizes, and upload images. Price calculations and order processing include all relevant information.

Product Info

Add additional product information, such as product brands and size guides.

Product Label

Generate and print barcodes and labels for each product or variation.

Product Location

Add an additional field for product and variations indicating their location in the warehouse, useful for large warehouses where workers need to find products.

Product Quantity Fast Update

Update product quantities directly in the dashboard without opening each product individually.

Product Restrictions

Restrict certain payment methods for specific products or disable products based on combinations with other products in the cart.

Quantity Ranges

Set discount rules for bulk pricing, such as offering a regular price for quantities 1-50, a 3% discount for quantities 51-100, a 6% discount for quantities 101-150, etc.

UTT Import

Connect your WooCommerce store with the UTT Europe API and import their products. Set your margins, desired categories, and update products, stocks, and prices.

Woo Emails

Add additional text to email templates based on shipping or payment methods.

Can’t Find What You’re Looking For?

We understand that your requirements might exceed the capabilities of our existing plugins. In such cases, our expert team is at your service to develop custom plugins that precisely meet your specifications. With our deep understanding of web development, we can elevate your website or application by creating bespoke solutions tailored to your needs. Let us turn your vision into reality.