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Lowest price in the last 30 days

The Lowest Price Display Module is a mandatory feature in the European Union (EU) that allows the presentation of the lowest price for products on sale within the last 30 days. This documentation outlines the necessary steps to activate and configure this module.

To activate the Lowest Price Module, first enable it.

Only on Product Page

When this option is enabled, the lowest price message will be shown exclusively on the single product page.

Other pages such as the main shop page or category pages will continue to display prices in the default manner.

Only When Product Is On Sale

Enabling this option ensures that the lowest price is displayed solely for products that are currently on sale.

If this option is disabled, the lowest price will be shown for all product prices.

Inherit from Regular Price

Lowest Price in the last 30 days settings

In case there is no recorded price history available, the regular price will be used as the lowest price.

Note: that this may not accurately represent the lowest price in the last 30 days since the regular price can be set arbitrarily, and the sale price reflects the actual selling price of the product.

Variable Product Price

This option applies specifically to variable products that have multiple price variations.

You can choose the display format for the variable product price based on the following options:

  • Range (min – max)
    Shows the range of the lowest prices recorded in the last 30 days.
  • Min
    Displays the minimal variation price.
  • Max
    Displays the maximal variation price.
  • Don’t display
    If selected, the lowest price information will only be shown when a variation is selected.


To customize the lowest-price text displayed after the product price, consider the following guidelines:

  • Keep the text as short as possible.
  • Some shops use abbreviations and include additional disclaimers elsewhere on the page.
  • Utilize the placeholder {lowest_price}, which will be replaced with the actual lowest price.