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The Price Alerts module allows users and potential customers to subscribe to a specific product and receive email notifications when the price of that product drops.

User subscribing to a product to get notified when price drops

This module offers several benefits including:

  • User engagement
  • Increased chances of conversion
  • The collection of user emails for future marketing opportunities
  • The optimization of pricing strategies based on user expectations

This module, which is included in our Advanced plan, is exclusively available to PRO users.

To activate the Price Alerts module, enable it.

Once the module is enabled, a Price Alerts submenu will be added under Price History menu.

  • Within the Price Alerts submenu, you will find a table that provides an overview of all subscribers.
  • This table displays relevant information about each subscriber, allowing you to manage and analyze your subscriber base effectively.

Trigger Button

Price Alerts - trigger button settings

The Trigger button is responsible for opening the subscription form.

Decide where to place the button on the product page.

If you want the button to be visible only to logged-in users, enable the “Show only for logged-in users” option.

Button Position:

Choose the position of the Trigger button by selecting one of the following options:

  • After product meta: Place the button after the product tags and categories.
  • After product summary: Place the button after the product summary section.
  • Custom position: Insert the shortcode [pph-price-alerts] anywhere in the product template. If you want to show the button only on specific products, place the shortcode in the product description of those products.

Subscription Form

Price Alerts - subscription form settings

The Subscription Form is a popup form that appears when the user clicks on the trigger button. This form allows users to set their target price for a product and provide their email address. Additionally, there are two optional checkboxes that can be displayed in the form, offering users further choices:

  1. Marketing Checkbox:
    • If enabled, this checkbox grants permission to send additional marketing content to the user’s email address.
    • The Marketing text is the accompanying text that will be displayed alongside the checkbox, providing a brief description of the marketing content.
  2. GDPR Checkbox:
    • If enabled, this checkbox makes it a required field, ensuring that the user cannot submit the form without checking the checkbox.
    • The GDPR text is the text that will be shown next to the checkbox in the subscription form, providing information about the user’s consent to comply with GDPR regulations.

By including these optional checkboxes in the Subscription Form, you can provide users with choices regarding marketing communication and ensure compliance with GDPR regulations if necessary. This allows for a more personalized and legally compliant subscription process.


The Notifier is responsible for checking for price drops and sending notifications to subscribed users. You can configure the frequency at which the Notifier performs these tasks.

By configuring the Notifier’s frequency settings, you can choose between automatic or manual operation, depending on your requirements. The manual frequency option allows you to have control over when the Notifier verifies for price drops and sends notifications, directly from the Price Alerts table.

Email Settings

Price Alerts - email template settings and customization

The Email Settings feature provides you with the ability to customize the textual aspects of your email notifications.

The overall design of the emails is primarily inherited from the WooCommerce email settings, ensuring consistency and a cohesive appearance. Emails will have the same colors and header image, matching your branding.

To configure the Email Settings, follow these steps:

  1. Set Email Subject and Email Heading Text:
    • In this section, you can define your own email subject and provide a customized email heading text.
  2. Email Content – Top and Email Content – Bottom:
    • The Email Content – Top refers to the first part of the email body. After this section, the product or products for which the user has subscribed will be included.
    • Following the product information, the Email Content – Bottom serves as the concluding paragraph of the email.
  3. Add Email Footer Text:
    • You have the option to include your own customized text for the email footer, which will be displayed at the very bottom of the email.
  4. Preview Email Template:
    • Under the Email Template section, you can click on “Click here to preview your email template.” to preview the email template exactly as it will appear to subscribers.
    • This allows you to review and ensure that the email template meets your expectations before sending it out.

Price Alerts Table

The Price Alerts module provides a comprehensive list of subscribers in an interactive table format when enabled. By accessing the WordPress dashboard and navigating to the Product History menu, you will find the Price Alerts submenu.

Product Price History - Price Alerts submenu

Each subscriber to a new product is initially assigned a status of “assigned” as long as the price remains above their target price. However, when the price drops below the target price, the status changes to “pending” and is highlighted in yellow, indicating a price drop.

Product Price History - Price Alerts subscribers table

To facilitate efficient handling of pending alerts, the table displays pending statuses at the top of the results. Depending on the settings of the Notifier, pending subscribers can be automatically notified or you can choose to send notifications manually in bulk. To send manual notifications, simply select the pending statuses and click the Notify button located at the top right corner of the page.

In the case where a user has subscribed to multiple products, they will receive a single email containing a group of products with dropped prices.

Price drop alert email template

Upon successful notification, the status will be updated to “notified” and highlighted in green, signifying that the subscriber has been informed.