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Please ensure that you have properly configured WooCommerce zones, shipping options, and shipping methods before proceeding.

To find the General settings, hover above the WooCommerce tab and select the Free Shipping Label from the side menu. The general settings tab will open automatically.

Free Shipping Label and progress bar for woocommerce - general settings

Initial Shipping Zone

The Initial Shipping Zone setting is used to display the most relevant Free Shipping Label settings and threshold for users who haven’t already chosen a shipping zone.
Selected zone’s free shipping threshold will be used only if customer didn’t already enter the address.

If you made changes to the WooCommerces zones, make sure to select the default zone.

Custom Threshold

Custom threshold, when enabled, will ignore free shipping threshold already set in WooCommerce shipping settings or in any other shipping plugin settings.
This option is useful only if you are using some other plugin for defining free shipping threshold and if Free Shipping Label is not showing progress bar or label. – which means the plugins are incompatible. More info here.

If you have this option enabled, make sure that Custom Threshold amount is the same as the free shipping threshold you already have set elsewhere.

Starting from version 3.0.0, the Custom Threshold feature now offers two options:

Free Shipping label and progress bar for woocommerce - custom free shipping threshold


The custom threshold amount set in the Global option will serve as the reference point for Free Shipping across all zones, irrespective of whether the specific zone has free shipping enabled or not.

Per zone and shipping method

Configure individual free shipping thresholds for each zone and its methods.

Note that these settings take priority over the global threshold, providing specific criteria for shipping calculations within designated zones.


If enabled, the progress bar will be shown only to logged users. If disabled, the progress bar will be shown to all users (logged in and logged out).

Hide shipping rates when free shipping is available?

When a customer is qualified for free shipping, you can hide all other shipping methods on the cart and checkout pages.

Here you can choose from three options:

  1. Don’t hide
  2. Hide everything and only show Free Shipping
  3. Hide everything and only show Free Shipping and Local Pickup

Options 2 or 3 are most suitable.


Free Shipping Label and progress bar for woocommrece - multilingual option

For those managing a multilingual website, the Free Shipping Label plugin allows you to translate all displayed text seamlessly. Simply activate the Multilingual option in the General settings and proceed with your translations using any preferred string translation plugin, such as WPML or Loco Translate.

Delete plugin data on deactivation

This plugin adds just a few records to the database and you can delete all if you no longer intend to use this plugin.

If enabled, all plugin data will be deleted upon plugin deactivation. If disabled, the plugin data will remain in your database, available for future use and quick plugin setup.


The PRO version of the plugin includes support for multi-currency by default when using the: