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Introducing the Gift Bar, a dynamic addition to version 3.0.0, accessible in both the PRO and free versions with some limitations. This innovative tool serves as a compelling incentive, encouraging your customers to make that extra purchase and unlock a complimentary gift—perfect for enhancing user engagement and boosting sales. Ready to elevate the shopping experience? Let’s explore the possibilities.

Gift Bar settings

Configuring the Gift Bar is a breeze, following a straightforward process akin to the familiar Progress Bar setup. To activate its presence on shop pages, a simple enablement is all it takes. Define the threshold for qualifying for a free gift, and voila! Your Gift Bar is ready to roll.


Gift Bar - display options

We have a few display options:

1. After free shipping reached

The Gift Bar becomes visible exclusively upon reaching the free shipping threshold. When the Free Shipping progress bar hits 100%, the Gift Bar gracefully emerges, signaling the exciting opportunity to claim a complimentary gift.

Goft Bar displayed after Free shipping reached

2. Extend free shipping progress bar

Users will notice a straightforward display featuring messages for both free shipping and a free gift. The progress bar fills up gradually as customers reach both thresholds, ensuring a clear and simple indication of the attained benefits

Gift Bar and Free Shipping progress bar

3. Only Gift Bar

Removes the free shipping progress bar, leaving only the Gift Bar in focus.

4. Standalone

The Gift Bar takes its place alongside the free shipping progress bar, each displayed as a separate block.

Gift Bar and Free Shipping progress bar

After Threshold Reached

Upon hitting the threshold, you have several options to enhance the customer experience:

Gift bar settings - after threshold is reached

1. Nothing:

The block previously occupied by the progress bar transforms into a subtle “Qualified” message, informing customers of their earned free gift.

Gift Bar - threshold reached - message

Reminder: Ensure to include the gift in the package during order preparation.

2. Automatically Add to Cart:

Select a Gift product from the options above, and upon reaching the threshold, it seamlessly appears in the cart. If a customer removes items, dropping below the threshold, the Gift product is automatically removed.

Gift product automatically added to the cart

Note: Ensure sufficient stock or disable stock management for the gift product to prevent issues.

3. Add as Order Additional Information:

For a more discreet approach, this option adds a dedicated section to the order summary, indicating the inclusion of a Free Gift. Ideal for surprise gifts without the need for a specific product to be added to the cart.

Gift product added as order additional infomration


By default, the Gift Bar mirrors the style options of the Free Shipping Progress Bar. However, for a distinctive look, you can customize it by toggling off the “Inherit Progress Bar Settings” option. We recommend styling the Gift Bar uniquely to enhance visibility, making it easily distinguishable for customers and increasing the likelihood of reaching the threshold for a free gift. Let’s make it visually appealing!

For a more in-depth understanding of the Design settings, refer to the Progress Bar documentation. There, you’ll find more details on customization options, allowing you to tailor the appearance of both the Free Shipping Progress Bar and the Gift Bar according to your preferences.